Thursday, July 28, 2016

Coast to Coast Road Trip Stops


When you take a road trip, you and everyone else in the car is so eager to get to the destination since that is the point of taking the trip. But, what most people miss about taking a road trip is that there are so many things to see along the way. Make sure to make a journey along with reaching your destination. If you are taking a trip from the east coast to the west coat, here are some destinations that you must stop at along the way.

New York 
Times Square: Times square is one of those places that you see everywhere, so it is only an essential stop that you should make when starting your road trip! It is located in Midtown Manhattan and it is full of all different kinds of people and gigantic screens. It has its own energetic vibe that everyone has to experience for themselves.

Central Park: Also located in the middle of Manhattan is Central Park. It is one of the most visited parks known today. Central park is like a city itself because there are various things you can do there. It is separated into sections including mid-park, south end, and north end. In the mid-park, you can find an Alice in Wonderland sculpture. In the south end, you can find a cute pond. At the north end of Central Park, you can find The Loch, which is a water body located in Central Park.

New Orleans: Although it can be difficult to, if you were to describe New Orleans in one word, it would be "live." From the jazz filled streets to the amazingly tasting food, New Orleans is more than just a unique city. You have to make a stop in this city to contribute to the liveliness.

City Park: You have to make a stop at this enchanting park that is seen in the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. The nature in City Park is beautiful, including the oak trees, the famous bridge, and the gardens throughout the park.

Zion National Park - This park is consisted of colorful cliffs. People would die to see the pink, cream, and red swirls of colors that the rocks consist of. People hike, backpack, and climb along these giant rocks. There is also a river that weaves through the cliffs, and it is popular for people to take river trips.

Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is a very popular location that people have on their bucket lists. If you are taking a road trip from coast to coast, you definitely have to make a stop to see the Grand Canyon.  Luckily, Utah is lucky to have the Grand Canyon as a part of its state.

Las Vegas: Just like New Orleans, Las Vegas is a very unique city on its own. A popular thing to do there that you could partake in is gambling of course! Another popular thing to do in Las Vegas is to zipline through the city.

Hoover Dam: The Hoover Dam acts as a border between Arizona and Nevada. It has been well known since it started being built in 1931. The dam acts as a power supply to different regions. Even though it isn't the most attracting attraction of Nevada, it is still a popular location for people to tour.

Golden Gate Bridge: This is one of those destinations that you will see through the windows of whatever transportation you are taking. Most likely, you will drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hollywood and Beverly Hills: Hollywood is the home to movie production. There are a lot of things to do and see there including the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a lot of famous museums. Beverly Hills is known for being the area for rich people to live and the home of rich hotels that are too expensive for anyone to stay at. But nonetheless, it is still a good sightseeing definition to travel to.

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